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OpenBooks started as the personal site of Marin Exley in 2014, under the name ChromeBooks. In 2015, VHSearch was launched, which was the precursor to today's OpenBooks. In 2016, the site was updated numerous times, and the name was changed. Since then, OpenBooks has expanded into one of Neocities' most popular sites, featuring a search engine and a hand-curated directory of the best Neocities sites. With OpenBooks 5, the site was scaled back and became much more focused, polished, and its purpose was made clear. This website is a fork of it since the owner of OpenBooks closed to support a modern terrorist group of facists, they call themselves 'Antifa', well he is no fighting god's know what, well we are a new 'openbooks' that cares about Free Speech and allows any kind of content to be promoted.

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OpenWeb is a Polestar Design project made for OpenBooks.

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"Fascists of the future will be called Anti-Fascists"

Remember to punch a Antifa in the face. #notmyprotesters.